candy bar, floor, cooling/heating, effective area: 30 m2 STM 12HDi
General characteristics STM 12HDi
The type of air conditioner monoblock
Type indoor unit Mobile
Modes of operation cooling/heating
Effective area 30 m2
Power Inverter control
Technical characteristics STM 12HDi
Max. air flow 7.5 m3/min
Cooling capacity 12000 BTU/h
Features and functions STM 12HDi
Filters of thin clearing of air
Deodorizing filter
Plasma filter
Anion generator
Adjusting the direction of air flow
System against ice formation
Motion sensor
Phase single-phase AC
Refrigerant type R 407
The Dimensions Of The STM 12HDi
Height 91 cm
The Width Of The 48 cm
Depth: 41 cm