split system, cooling/heating A5WM10JR / A5LC10CRJ
General characteristics A5WM10JR / A5LC10CRJ
The type of air conditioner split system
Type indoor unit Wall
Modes of operation cooling/heating
Power Inverter control
Technical characteristics A5WM10JR / A5LC10CRJ
Max. air flow 9.48 m3/min
Features and functions A5WM10JR / A5LC10CRJ
Filters of thin clearing of air
Plasma filter
Anion generator
Fan speed controller
Number of fan speeds 5
Adjusting the direction of air flow
Motion sensor
Phase single-phase AC
The Dimensions Of The A5WM10JR / A5LC10CRJ
Height 28.8 cm
The Width Of The 80 cm
Depth: 20.4 cm